The Five Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully. - Jim Rohn This year I've learned a lot about friendship and relationships in general and to be honest it's been a hard lesson! I wrote I'm Losing My Friends last year and even though I know it's just another part … Continue reading The Five Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

I’m in my own way

Self- sabotage is any behavior or action that you take which gets in your own way. Does this sound familiar? If we're honest with ourselves, most if not all of us do this. I know I'm guilty of self-sabotage from time to time and it's something that I am trying to be more mindful of. … Continue reading I’m in my own way

I’m Back!

I was engaged in 2017 and moved across the country to be with the man who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  And then the relationship and with it my dreams fell apart. I had a decision to make; crumble under the weight of this crushing disappointment or learn from the experience and allow it to make me stronger and wiser. 

Breast Cancer Awareness: Fight Like a Girl

Hello! It’s Dr. Kelly, your board-certified physician and bounce-back coach. I help high performing women who are successful at work but are unhappy in other areas of their lives. Through my coaching, speaking and writing, I help them recover from failed relationships to bounce back to better, improve their self-esteem and live the life they … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness: Fight Like a Girl

How to Stop Overthinking

Last week in Dear Overthinker I shared about my struggles with overthinking and many of you told me how much you identified with the post. If you constantly ruminate over past events and about how you could have done things differently or if you're always obsessing over something that hasn't even happened yet, working yourself into … Continue reading How to Stop Overthinking