Dr. Kelly is a dynamic speaker and consultant who focuses on helping women overcome past hurts in order to have a happy healthy life and relationship. When Dr. Kelly isn’t busy speaking and coaching on this topic; she’s using her skills and expertise in the medical field to teach individuals how to reverse diabetes and live with hormonal issues such as thyroid disease. At the core Dr. Kelly has a passion for helping people become better. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally and that’s what she does with all of her signature talks.

Dr. Kelly’s sought after presentations are engaging as they are inspiring. Book Dr. Kelly for your next conference, church event, corporate wellness training or university. Featured topics include:

  • Rediscovering You
  • Looking Inwardly to Succeed Outwardly
  • I Love Me More: Embracing Self-love as a Means of Emotional Healing
  • Stress and Success: Excelling at Your Career Without Ruining Your Health
  • Diabetes Wellness Overview: 7 Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications
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