I’m in My Own Way

Physician, Endocrinologist, Diabetes and Hormone specialist, Health and Wellness expert, Blogger and Speaker! Dr. Kelly Wood, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. Beyond the stethoscope, Dr. Kelly is recognized as “The Bounce BackCoach,” helping high-performing women to bounce back from failedrelationships, rebuild their self-esteem, and reclaim their identity.  … Continue reading I’m in My Own Way

Hate Making Difficult Decisions?

It’s Dr. Kelly Wood, your Balanced Living Health and Wellness expert. My mission is to help women overcome their limitations and achieve total wellness and balanced living: mind,body and spirit. I do this through my blog, speaking and individualized group and VIP Balanced Living programs. I hate making difficult decisions. If I'm faced with the … Continue reading Hate Making Difficult Decisions?