I’m in My Own Way

Physician, Endocrinologist, Diabetes and Hormone specialist, Health and Wellness expert, Blogger and SpeakerDr. Kelly Wood, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

Beyond the stethoscope, Dr. Kelly is recognized as “The Bounce Back
Coach,” helping high-performing women to bounce back from failed
relationships, rebuild their self-esteem, and reclaim their identity. 

Self- sabotage is any behavior or action that you take which gets in your own way.

Does this sound familiar? If we’re honest with ourselves, most if not all of us do this.

Self- sabotage can rear its ugly head in all  areas of our lives. It shows up in our careers when we don’t apply for the new job or we don’t go after the promotion even though we know we are more than qualified. In the area of relationships we mess things up when it’s going too well because we are more comfortable with drama and dysfunction. What about our physical health? We’re caught in the cycle of gaining and losing weight; going hard at the gym then to go home and eat something we know we shouldn’t.

Some of the subtle ways self-sabotage can show up in your life:

  1. Procrastination

This is perhaps one of the most common ways we get in our own way and often leads to aborted dreams. You know you should work on that task so you can meet the deadline, but you keep putting it off until the very last minute or you just never complete the task. Or maybe you start projects and never follow through. You remain unmotivated even when you have new and exciting opportunities. Why do we do this? Sometimes it’s due to fear- fear of failing or fear of not being good enough. Other times, it’s because we tend to put off difficult or unpleasant tasks. We tend to shift our focus on easier, less stressful tasks and before we know it another day has passed and we still haven’t done what we should have

It’s a lie; most of us don’t work better under pressure. Postponing tasks until the last minute can stress you out! One strategy is to make a To-Do List and prioritize your most important, most difficult tasks and do these first. This frees you from having to think about them anymore and gets them off your  list.

2.  Negative Self-talk

What are you saying to yourself?

We are sometimes our own biggest critics. Self-sabotaging thoughts tell us we’re going to fail, so why bother try. Many of these thoughts were ingrained in us as children and can be difficult to escape. Negative self-talk tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you tell yourself something over and over enough times, you eventually believe it.

Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself. When these thoughts come let them go and replace them with new beliefs.

3. Quitting too soon

Nothing that’s worth something ever comes easily. Will you quit and give up when it gets difficult or takes too long? It takes time to build your business. In fact many successful entrepreneurs fail at their first business. Become comfortable with failure. Failure can be one of your best teachers if you take the time to extract the wisdom from the lesson. Have patience as you continue to work on your goals.

4. Being stuck in the past

Do you find it difficult to move on from failure, hurt or disappointment? Are you constantly thinking about the past and what went wrong? One study showed that being too caught up the past correlated to lower self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

The energy you spend in regret and resentment focused on the past can be channeled to creating the bright future you desire.

We’re all guilty of self-sabotage at some time or the other in our lives. It’s important to be self-aware. When you know better, you do better.

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