The Five Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Needs

You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully. – Jim Rohn

This year I’ve learned a lot about friendship and relationships in general and to be honest it’s been a hard lesson! I wrote I’m Losing My Friends last year and even though I know it’s just another part of life, it doesn’t make it any easier.

However, the older I become the more I realize the importance of having a solid support system. I’ve become more intentional about who I have in my life and who I consider to be a friend. I’m investing more in the people who love me and add to my life as well as striving to make new, meaningful connections.

If you can see my future by my circle of friends, then who should have in my circle?

Let’s talk about the five types of girlfriends that every woman needs in her life.

The Inspirational Friend

 This friend while grounded in reality sees the glass half-full rather than half-empty. Your inspirational friend is productive and living in her purpose and because of her influence you want to do the same. She inspires you to overcome your procrastination and fear of failure and go after what you really want out of life. She truly causes you to want to level up.

The Cheerleader 

There are some friends who are deafeningly silent when you are winning. Not this friend! She’s your number one supporter; cheering you on in the good times and the bad. She believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. When you find yourself discouraged she reminds you just how awesome you are!

The Truth Teller

 It’s sometimes difficult to hear the truth, especially from someone you love, but we all need that friend who will keep it real no matter how much it might hurt. She’s not insensitive but packages her truth with love and grace. She’s the one who says “Girl, you were wrong!” or “He’s just not that into you”. She would rather have you temporarily annoyed at her than see you make a decision that could potentially hurt you. Please, keep her in your life!

The Wise Mentor

 She doesn’t necessarily have to be older than you, but she usually is. She’s able to impart wisdom because of the experiences she’s been through. She can guide you through difficult decisions because she’s been there, done that and gotten the T-shirt to prove it. You need a mentor not only professionally but also for your life. If you’ve been married for two years, find a woman who’s been married for ten.

The Girl who Just Wants to Have Fun

You might not be super close to this friend but you’re guaranteed to have a good time whenever she’s around. Her joy and zeal for life are infectious! She’s your travel buddy or the person you try out new restaurants with. She makes you laugh and you’re happy when you’re together. She helps you be less serious and to just have fun!

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. If you have these ladies in your life, you are indeed blessed.

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