Be Your Own Best Friend

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I can still remember my childhood best friend. I looked forward to meeting her each day at school even though we also spoke on the phone in the mornings before and in the evenings after school.  We were inseparable!  I’m sure we had fights but I can’t remember any of them. I just remember always feeling safe and loved in our friendship.

Do you remember your childhood best friend?

Friendships are invaluable and should be cherished. My best friends celebrate with me when I’m at my best but still love me when I’m at my worst. They remind me of who I am and what I deserve even (and especially) when I forget. We do life together.

Consider yourself very fortunate if you have at least one best friend.

We usually treat our friends with love, kindness and respect. Becoming your own best friend is sometimes more difficult. You know your shortcomings and faults and you might not be as likely to forgive yourself as you are others. The grace we give to others we seldom extend to ourselves.

In reality, you should befriend yourself first and foremost and cherish that friendship above all others. Being your own best friend will boost your self-image and self-confidence and you become more inspiring to others. You’ll  also be more likely to hold yourself accountable for the mistakes you make and expect more of yourself in every situation.

Being your own best friend means that you will also have standards in your relationships. You will teach others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.

So…love You!

Let’s discuss some steps to becoming your own best friend:

  • Enjoy being alone sometimes – Just as you love to hang out with your best friend, learn how to enjoy being in your own company from time to time. Take yourself out for dinner. Go see a movie. Don’t wait on someone to come along for you to take your dream trip, go solo! By cultivating this treasured friendship, you stop needing others to be your companion.
  • Like yourself – True self-love means getting rid of those negative thoughts about yourself. Just stop!  Be supportive and encouraging.  You would never speak to your best friend in the harsh manner you sometimes speak to yourself.  Accept who you are; the good and the bad. It’s easy to stop liking yourself when you make mistakes or bad decisions (especially if you knew they were wrong in the first place). However, when you like yourself, you’ll be happier and others will enjoy being around you.
  • Express love for yourself –  Do random acts of kindness for yourself every day. Be intentional about it. You should put your love into action by eating foods that are good for you, getting plenty of exercise and rest. Yes you should rest. You don’t have to go around saying how amazing you are but learn to accept praise graciously.
  • Learn how to support your self –  A best friend knows what to say to bring comfort and support but you should also be able to self soothe in a healthy manner. Not with food, sex, alcohol or other addictive behavior such as self-pity but in a productive way. Be sure you’re not dependent on someone else to fulfill your needs. Whether it’s finances, managing tasks or emotional support, learn how to take responsibility for yourself.
  • Live your best life –  This means something totally different to everyone. When you are more in touch with your emotions and desires, you can imagine more clearly what your best life would look like. Would you want to be healthier, start a new business  venture or be a better parent or spouse?  When you know what your best life looks like, you can take the steps to make it a reality.

When you become your own best friend,  you improve your self-image and become more self confident. You take responsibility for creating and living the life you’ve always desired.  Being your own best friend means you’re no longer stuck in unhealthy relationships because you’re afraid of being alone. And, when you’re a best friend to yourself, others will be attracted to you because your positive attitude and your joy.

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